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August 10, 2022  

A Conversational Paradigm for Program Synthesis

August 10, 2022

Program synthesis strives to generate a computer program as a solution to a given problem specification. We propose a conversational program synthesis approach via large language models, which addresses the challenges of searching over a vast program space and user intent specification faced in prior approaches. Our new approach casts the process of writing a specification and program as a multi-turn conversation between a user and a system. It treats program synthesis as a sequence prediction problem, in which the specification is expressed in natural language and the desired program is conditionally sampled.

2022: Erik Nijkamp, Bo Pang, Hiroaki Hayashi, Lifu Tu, Haiquan Wang, Yingbo Zhou, S. Savarese, Caiming Xiong

Ranked #1 on Program Synthesis on HumanEval