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August 20, 2022  

Learning the Beauty in Songs: Neural Singing Voice Beautifier

August 20, 2022

We introduce Neural Singing Voice Beautifier (NSVB), the first generative model to solve the SVB task, which adopts a conditional variational autoencoder as the backbone and learns the latent representations of vocal tone. In NSVB, we propose a novel time-warping approach for pitch correction: Shape-Aware Dynamic Time Warping (SADTW), which ameliorates the robustness of existing time-warping approaches, to synchronize the amateur recording with the template pitch curve. Furthermore, we propose a latent-mapping algorithm in the latent space to convert the amateur vocal tone to the professional one.

2022: Jinglin Liu, Chengxi Li, Yi Ren, Zhiying Zhu, Zhou Zhao