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May 14, 2022  

Gradio: Hassle-Free Sharing and Testing of ML Models in the Wild

May 14, 2022

We developed an open-source Python package, Gradio, which allows researchers to rapidly generate a visual interface for their ML models. Gradio makes accessing any ML model as easy as sharing a URL. Our development of Gradio is informed by interviews with a number of machine learning researchers who participate in interdisciplinary collaborations. Their feedback identified that Gradio should support a variety of interfaces and frameworks, allow for easy sharing of the interface, allow for input manipulation and interactive inference by the domain expert, as well as allow embedding the interface in iPython notebooks.

2019: Abubakar Abid, Ali Abdalla, Ali Abid, Dawood Khan, Abdulrahman Alfozan, James Y. Zou

Machine learning, Accessibility, IPython, Subject-matter expert, Open-source software, Usability, As-Easy-As, Communication endpoint, Python