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May 28, 2022  

Symphony Generation with Permutation Invariant Language Model

May 28, 2022

In this work, we present a symbolic symphony music generation solution, SymphonyNet, based on a permutation invariant language model. To bridge the gap between text generation and symphony generation task, we propose a novel Multi-track Multi-instrument Repeatable (MMR) representation with particular 3-D positional embedding and a modiļ¬ed Byte Pair Encoding algorithm (Music BPE) for music tokens. A novel linear transformer decoder architecture is introduced as a backbone for modeling extra-long sequences of symphony tokens.

2022: Jiafeng Liu, Yuanliang Dong, Zehua Cheng, Xinran Zhang, Xiaobing Li, Feng Yu, Maosong Sun

Ranked #1 on Audio Generation on Symphony music